Midnorus Springleaf

A wilden with Vala, his bear spirit, to keep him company while he explores the vast new world before him.


Midnorus is a protector Shaman, with a bear spirit named Vala at his side.


Midnorus sprang into life in the midst of the Feywilds. The lush jungle undergrowth provided a bed for the newly sprouted wilden. Many denizens of the jungle came to see this creature, a rare new creation of the Feywilds. A few whispered their life spirit into the young wilden, for they knew their realm needed a defender from the corruption that was spilling into it. Midnorus felt the spoiling of the wilderness spirit. It ate at his spirit, and he could see the same in his peers. Distraught at the thought of his verdant home being plagued by intruders, Midnorus took to clear this threat.

For years, Midnorus searched the Feywilds for the source of the blight. He spent many nights hunting the murmurs of unknown beast, only to lose their trail. The intruders were here, but they could not be found. Midnorus would find evidence of the intruders: carelessly snapped twigs, trees brutally cut down against their will, wild animals slain for no reason. The weight of the Feywilds corruption was weighing down on Midnorus. He could feel their presence; he could feel their magic.

After one particular day of searching, Midnorus found a great bear in the forests. Seeing no threat from the Feywild native, Midnorus moved to continue his search. The bear commanded, “Stop. You and I have a similar goal. This affliction on our home has brought death and destruction. My name is Vala, and I have encountered the invaders.” Midnorus turned to the bear, and saw the wounds of battle across his body. “I am not strong enough to drive the intruders off, but your skills might turn the tide of this war,” Vala rumbled.

Midnorus cared for the bears wounds, who, in turn, told the wilden of their opponents. Midnorus learned that they were creatures of the Far Realm, who had entered the Feywilds searching for a captive they had caught to offer up to their overlords. In the mean time, these aberrant horrors were amusing themselves in the flora of the Feywilds. They robbed the lush forests of their resources. Midnorus grew more vengeful as the bear described the intruders. As Vala’s wounds healed, the pair started their hunt.

The bear led Midnorus to the last location he knew of the intruders. They only found the same devestation that the wilden had seen before. Vala huffed and led Midnorus down the trail that he could find. Midnorus could not see what the bear was following, but was confident that the bear knew his path. Eventually, the pair heard the sounds of movement and communication near the river ahead of them. So ready for the kill, the wilden started to change. His barky skin became more gnarled and altered shade to match the surrounding forest, his eyes turning a brilliant emerald. He focused only on hunting and killing these intruders.

Midnorus and Vala fell upon the aberrant creatures as only the true wrath of nature can. The two clawed and bashed down the unsuspecting intruders. The battle’s favor seemed to be on their side, but Vala was taking grevious wounds. After the last invader was vanquished, the great bear fell to the ground. His injuries too severe for Midnorus to heal, Vala huffed, “We have defeated these invaders… I am free to rest.” The bear’s spirit slipped silently away.

Stricken with grief, the wilden did his best to clean the destruction of the intruders. He felt the weight of the corruption lift from his shoulders, but he did not feel at peace. After many days of restless wandering, Midnorus decided to go back to the spot that his friend perished. Much to his dismay, Vala’s spirit stood before him. “Midnorus, I have been spared by the Spirit of the World. Alas, my return is not without a reason. As my spirit met the Spirit of the World, he opened my eyes to what is happening to our world. Something is stirring, restless and vile. I do not know of its plans, or what I must do to stop it. What I do know, is that I am to lead you to defend our world from this wickedness. We must strike out into the realm of the humans to find out what is happening.”

With that, Midnorus and Vala ventured out of their home in the Feywilds, and are now exploring the far reaches of the new, unknown realm.

Midnorus Springleaf

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